Project Stats
  • Owner: Christian Brothers School
  • Location: 4601 Cleveland Avenue, New Orleans, LA
  • Architect: Verges Rome Architects
Christian Brothers School at St. Anthony of Padua Renovation

This project included work on the two original buildings at St. Anthony of Padua on Canal Street as well as site improvements. The renovation of the 30,900 square foot main building, built in the 1930’s included replacing floor finishes, repairs to existing doors and hardware, interior painting, replacement of window treatments, installation of new white boards, and replacement of existing lighting in its current layout. The 13,410 SF School Annex Building was built in 1953 and work included exterior waterproofing on the brick façade, interior painting, repairs to the existing doors and hardware, replacement of the public sidewalks, adjusting grade elevations around the site, replacement of the monument sign, site fencing, sealing and restoration of existing curt lines at asphalt play yard, and installation of new playground equipment and shade over a rubberized playing surface and play structure.